Help and FAQ's

What Media Software do I need?

To watch a video you will need Adobe Flash player on your computer. Adobe Flash Download

If you are viewing videos via safari in an iPad

We have a non-flash version of videos to play via Safari on iPads. But the videos may take longer to load than on other platforms and browsers.

If the video is not loading

It may be that your organisation is preventing videos from being played on the internal computers. Please check with your IT support to see if this is the case - and whether the block can be lifted.

If the video is taking a while to load

It could be because you are trying to access it somewhere where heavy internet use by other people may be slowing down your connection. You could check other video websites to see whether you experience similar connection problems. This site is designed for broadband users, so you will not be able to access it on a dial-up connection.

If the video stops and starts while you are watching it

It maybe that lots of people are trying to access the site at the same time. We have endeavoured to provide robust servers but at times of high traffic we cannot guarantee a seamless user experience. Please be patient or log back on at a less busy time. Your bandwidth may also be affected by other applications.

If the sound on the video is not working

You could try refreshing your web page. Please note that your computer has sound controls accessible from the control panel and that the video player has sound controls which appear in the player window.

If you are behind a firewall

It may be blocking the video content and you may need to access the site from a different location. To check whether it is a firewall issue try accessing another video website.

If you continue to have problems, then send us an email outlining the issue.